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    Tuesday, December 2, 2008

    winter stoke

    Fid is digging through his photo archive. Here is what he said, although he doesn't remember the year of this photo.

    "By mid day Sat all the passes were closed (so no one was leaving...captive audience). It kept snowing...Andy Gleason -- who worked for CDOT as head forecaster -- was part of the school and finagled a special event by inviting all the student down to the howitzer site to watch them blast the Champions. That's what that photo is about. But nothing of any significance ran during the contol work. That afternoon -- and it just kept coming down -- we were up at the Shrine (all normally out of town field work had to be relocated to in town) doing the field work and as were were standing debriefing something, the Champions ran naturally. I got a photo of it (mostly just looks like a big power clound in the canyon) but what an experience for the students that year."

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