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    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    MEETING AT 7PM at the Carriage House


    I have added a lot of documents to review to our group site. For tonight and Sunday review the BeaconSearch101.pdf, the Avy fact sheet and the Avalanche review paper.


    +Wear warm clothes
    +a headlamp
    +a prussik knot or 2 m cord
    +a personal avy beacon (if you have one)

    1) Knots for Tonight: Figure eight, F8 on a bight, Water knot, Double Fishermans, Prussik, Bowline.

    2)Beacon Refresher by Andy; Overview of team beacons, will hide some beacons on the county courthouse lawn.

    Sunday Winter Training 12/14

    9 am will be paged, meet at the Carriage House, bring your winter kit (backpack, winter clothes etc).

    +Review Avalanche forecast for the day.

    +Practice beacon/probe shovel and get the snowmobile out.

    +Prepare for appropriate winter travel, we wont go far so snowshoes or lightweight XC skis are fine.

    +Goal is to familiarize group with our winter set up and have your winter kit ready to go.

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