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    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    San Juan Rando Race

    Matt and Jim went up and provided comm support and acted as course marshals for the San Juan Rando Race on Sat, April 18. Although the race field wasn't big it was impressive to see the guys cover almost 7 miles and ~5,000 vert feet in 1:39.

    Matt posted photos from his perch. and here are photos from my spot.

    It was great fun with prizes free food and beer post race! Thanks to Pete S at Cosmic and Pine Needle and SJ Powdercats for putting on the race.

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Personal Equipment for Mountain Rescue

    This is a minimum equipment list to have on hand for a call out. Add personal travel equipment based on the season (skis, snowshoes,crampons, etc)

    + a day and a half pack. (Carry a pack big enough to carry personal gear and team equipment)
    + personal sit harness
    + chest harness w/ connector cord to sit harness (either tied or commercial)
    + helmet
    + eye protection
    + headlamp
    + leather gloves
    + radio w/chest harness
    + storm gear appropriate for season
    + footwear appropriate for season
    + calories (food/fluid)
    + personal medical kit
    + GPS/Compass w/ maps
    + waterproof notebook and pen
    Optional (nice to have on hand)
    + bivy sack or small sleeping bag
    + fire starter
    + stove
    + waterfall ice climbing kit (November-April)
    + basic mountaineering ice axe (April-July)
    + lightweight crampons (April-July)
    + Avy safety equipment: probe,shovel,beacon (Nov-May)


    Have this on your harness

    + Purcell Prussik System (Small, Long, Medium) 6 or 7 mm is the best size
    + Cord for Rappel back up. 1 m 6mm cord tied into a loop. Attached below the friction device @ sit harness leg loop with a prusik hitch (2-wraps for a double rope / 3 wraps for a single rope rappel) Or use an Autoblock friction hitch.
    + 13 meters of 8 mm cord for Tandem prussiks passing the "Pinch Test" (Short 135cm / Long 165cm)

    Have this on hand

    +(1) 10m of 8mm cord (anchoring,extension)
    +(1) 6m of 7mm accessory cord (anchoring, jigger application, etc)
    +(1-2) 6mm utility prusiks
    +(1) 4 or 5m of 25mm webbing strand (anchoring, chest harness, rap extension)


    + 4-5 "D" Locking Carabiners (25-28 kN)
    + 1-2 HMS Pear Style Locking biner (used to do a Munter Hitch)
    + Belay/Rappel device: Make sure it can do autoblocking. A good example is the BD ATC Guide
    + 2 small pulleys (CMC Protec)
    + small knife (no rambos!)

    Optional Team Gear to Carry

    + Mini-brake rack
    + (1) small "ice cube tray" edge pro (CMC brand flexible edge protection)