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    Thursday, August 9, 2018

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Radium Release Hitch

    Radium Release Hitch How To:

    The RRH is one of the more complicated ties which combines hitches bights and knots but it is very ingenious and used in multiple rope situations.

    1 3.3 meters of static 8 mm cord
    2 locking biners

    The Steps
    1) tie a figure 8 or overhand on a bight at the end of the 8 mm.
    2) Clip that into a locking carabiner with the loop next to the spine.
    2) loop through the second carabiner, back through the first, and then up again to the second,
    3) Complete with a Münter hitch next to the gate of the second carabiner. The MH should be on the anchor side of the tie.
    4) Conduct a standard tie off with a half hitch on a bight around the three strands keeping it snug to the MH.
    5) Secure the half hitch with an overhand on a bight wrapping the 3 strands.

    A load-releasable 3:1 hitch that you can use between a pulley, passing a knot or untensioning a locked lowering device or locked up prussiks.

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Knots To Know

    Here is the list of basic knots to know for our technical rescue systems

    + Munter Hitch (extra credit: supermunter,monster munter, doublemunter)
    + Ringbend aka overhand follow through or "water knot" (Dont say that around Clark)
    + Bowline (extra credit: double bowline and interlocking bowlines: used for tieing in to the litter)
    + double fishermans
    + figure 8 (follow through, figure 8 on a bight; inline figure 8)
    + inline figure 8 (alternative for litter tie in)
    + girth hitch
    + clove hitch
    + overhand on a bight
    + prussik hitch
    + radium release hitch (the load releasing hitch we use)

    Coils to know
    + Alpine coil
    + Butterfly

    Extra Credit
    + alpine butterfly
    + garda hitch