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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Personal Equipment for Mountain Rescue

    This is a minimum equipment list to have on hand for a call out. Add personal travel equipment based on the season (skis, snowshoes,crampons, etc)

    + a day and a half pack. (Carry a pack big enough to carry personal gear and team equipment)
    + personal sit harness
    + chest harness w/ connector cord to sit harness (either tied or commercial)
    + helmet
    + eye protection
    + headlamp
    + leather gloves
    + radio w/chest harness
    + storm gear appropriate for season
    + footwear appropriate for season
    + calories (food/fluid)
    + personal medical kit
    + GPS/Compass w/ maps
    + waterproof notebook and pen
    Optional (nice to have on hand)
    + bivy sack or small sleeping bag
    + fire starter
    + stove
    + waterfall ice climbing kit (November-April)
    + basic mountaineering ice axe (April-July)
    + lightweight crampons (April-July)
    + Avy safety equipment: probe,shovel,beacon (Nov-May)


    Have this on your harness

    + Purcell Prussik System (Small, Long, Medium) 6 or 7 mm is the best size
    + Cord for Rappel back up. 1 m 6mm cord tied into a loop. Attached below the friction device @ sit harness leg loop with a prusik hitch (2-wraps for a double rope / 3 wraps for a single rope rappel) Or use an Autoblock friction hitch.
    + 13 meters of 8 mm cord for Tandem prussiks passing the "Pinch Test" (Short 135cm / Long 165cm)

    Have this on hand

    +(1) 10m of 8mm cord (anchoring,extension)
    +(1) 6m of 7mm accessory cord (anchoring, jigger application, etc)
    +(1-2) 6mm utility prusiks
    +(1) 4 or 5m of 25mm webbing strand (anchoring, chest harness, rap extension)


    + 4-5 "D" Locking Carabiners (25-28 kN)
    + 1-2 HMS Pear Style Locking biner (used to do a Munter Hitch)
    + Belay/Rappel device: Make sure it can do autoblocking. A good example is the BD ATC Guide
    + 2 small pulleys (CMC Protec)
    + small knife (no rambos!)

    Optional Team Gear to Carry

    + Mini-brake rack
    + (1) small "ice cube tray" edge pro (CMC brand flexible edge protection)

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